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There are only a few beauty queens who have made a mark in the international arena. TGIF talks to two such divas who made winning appearances on the global platform:

Looking forward to more

Nisha Pathak won the title of Miss Global International Nepal 2014. The promising young beauty stood as the third runner up in Miss Heritage International 2015 that was held in India.

Congratulations for your success! What’s next for you now?

Thank you. I will now work on accomplishing the goals ahead of me given by Miss Heritage International (MHI) as an environmental ambassador. I will be exploring Peace Heritage Tourism Culture Heritage (PETCH) of Nepal through the field of glamour. I would also like to work towards the underpriviledged and the orphans in our society.

How was participating in an international beauty pageant different from a national one?

It was completely different as the competition is between nations and not just contestants. I wasn’t just representing myself but my country as well.

How has your life changed post Miss Heritage International?

The change is inevitable. After MHI the changes that I have found in myself are strong; I have more self confidence and the power to do something for my nation.

What was the biggest challenge you faced at the pageant?

Everyone knew the crisis our country is facing so nobody was ready to make a trip to Nepal. Therefore, convincing them that Nepal is safe to travel to and that we provide 3S (security, service and satisfaction) was a huge challenge for me.

When you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

I see a new Nisha Pathak who is hungry to learn more and do more.

What is the essence of being a woman?

The essence of being a woman is that we are bold, independent and beautiful inside out.

No turning back

After winning the title of Mrs Nepal 2013, Rajani Thapa participated in several international beauty pageants and has successfully bagged a couple of titles. At the grand finale of Mrs Heritage International 2015, she won the crown beating 18 participants from different countries.

How would you describe the culmination of your journey into breathtaking success story?

I was an ordinary housewife seeking for a big break in life. Married at the tender age of 15, I suppressed my dreams whilst taking the responsibility of a wife and a mother. One day a friend came to me with a form for Mrs Nepal 2013. My family was supportive of me participating in the pageant. On June 15 2013, I won the crown. Since then there has been no turning back for me.

What will your most important role as Mrs Heritage International 2015 be?

As Mrs Heritage International 2015, I will try to make a positive impact in the society by raising awareness on social issues and heritage preservation. I will also be introducing the world to Nepal’s beautiful culture and tradition.

How did you manage your professional and personal life?

Well, it’s not easy to maintain a fine balance but being flexible helps. The simple rule is to manage your space and time. I am lucky that my family understands me.

What has your experiences been like since your win?

My life has completely changed. I have more responsibilities after being crowned as the winner. Most importantly, I now raise awareness through social media and keep myself in good shape. I have felt more appreciated.

Any words of wisdom for ladies who would one day walk in your footsteps?

Always remember to have your feet on the ground, love the way you are, stay beautiful and charming.

Photo: QB Maharjan /THT and Binas Maharjan

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