Under the groovy sun

Some of the hottest DJs from across the globe will be blasting Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in Kathmandu. TGIF catches up with them for a chat


Nina Shah and Malika Hayden have spun their charisma at some of the most popular clubs across the world.  They are among the most successful EDM female DJs.

What was the turning point in your musical journey?

Spending the summer in Ibiza was a turning point for us musically. It opened us up to a whole new language of music.

What can the crowd expect?

Pure groove! Music that your body just can’t stand still to, so come prepared to dance!

How do you decide on what to play during a set?

Well, we usually feel the crowd before we play. The opening DJ helps us to see what type of crowd they are, ones we can experiment with or not. Then we just get up there and flow!


He has established himself as one of the most elite DJs by bagging awards like ‘Best Pool DJ’ and ‘Best Main Room DJ’ at The Las Vegas Spin Awards.

What kind of music do you like to play?

I like to play and produce techno and house music. My music is a mix of many influences but it’s usually very clean, bouncy with raw analog sounding bass lines, filled with melodic groovy rhythmic elements.

What is your message regarding EDM?

People think that EDM is one genre. EDM has many sub genres like house, techno, downtempo, trap, drum and bass et cetera.

How do you select tracks?

I have my set of tracks that I really love. Now according to the situation I see what fits where and then I just drop the ones that suits the moment.

DJ Kohra

The first Indian to have made it to the top 10 global charts such as Beatport, he has been signed by many well respected international record labels including Sounds of Earth, Trident Music, and Echoes Records to name a few.

The most incisive moment in your career…

I think being involved in music full time makes you try a lot of different ideas. But, while completing a song or while playing on a set is when one needs to be incisive.

What can the crowd expect?

A bit of me and some surprises. I always like to soak in space and vibe of the venue before I really know what I want to play.

What are the misconceptions about EDM?

I think a lot of younger people associate dance music with a genre of EDM. There’s a lot more to it than just that.

DJ Artemesia

Artemisia has been spinning since 2010. She started her career as a hip hop DJ in Pune, and over the years she has been very versatile all across India. She loves music that has a good tempo which keeps her moving.

What can the crowd expect ?

A lot of high energetic electro house numbers that will keep them on the floor. I love to dance myself a lot while I play and connect with the crowd.

What challenges do you face?

There are thousands of DJs coming up every single day, almost every third person I know is a DJ. So you need to be innovative, updated and at the same time not lose your personal touch, which is a challenge.

What is your criteria for selecting what to play?

I always go with the flow. I like to throw in a couple of tracks, experiment and see what the crowd likes. I like to connect with people that way and play what they like the best.

The DanceMandu Festival is back with its second edition on May 6 and 7, at Grand Norling Resort. The event will be featuring many renowned international and national music artists.