Each of the 32 colourful works of art by Sabita Dongol exhibited at the Siddhartha Art Gallery features decorative motifs, comb, couple and nature in a way that anyone can easily understand her art and also generate multiple meanings from a single piece of art, especially regarding love, nature, world and peace. Also all the images in the artwork are interconnected to each other.

The works are on display at the exhibition titled 'Inclination of Souls 'that began on April 12.

For instant, the colourful motif of one man and woman with one heart in the work titled 'Complimentary thoughts and emotions' shows that the two are inseparable beings.

The decorative red background seems to convey the thought that the couple is interconnected too through their soul.

Dongol also has presented an image of Yin-Yang behind the couple's head in the same art just like Buddha's enlightenment seeming to say that man and woman are complimentary to each other. Similarly, the couple is secured in a blue coloured circle as if they are standing on earth.

One can even find religious and cultural aspects in the same piece.

The artist has painted motifs of many religious shrines like mosques, temples, gumbas with Buddha's flag and even antique residential house.

Dongol has drawn the woman's dress in such a way that the bottom part of the dress is in the shape of a comb symbolising peace and harmony maintained after untangling life's difficulties just like a comb untangles tangled curls of hair.

The artist has also created six artworks in mixed media using acrylic pen, colourful ink, watercolour, paper.

There is also a separate set of wooden combs in her Astamangala series. Altogether nine combs of different sizes and colours have been hung on the second floor of the gallery.

Regarding this series, Dongol shared, "I mostly use a comb as a central motif in my paintings. Comb untangles tangled hair. Astamangala also resolves the problems of our life in the same way. This is why I have been using a comb as a symbol that solves problems and brings harmony to various entities."

Dongol also reasoned the colours she has applied in her works represent her innermost thoughts and ideas. "Different colours suggest different experiences I have gone through. Through all these colours and forms I feel I am heading toward a very peaceful space." She also shared her happiness at being able to exhibit her work of five years.

"Every artist dreams of holding a solo exhibition in this gallery. My dream has come true with this exhibition.

It's my sixth solo exhibition but the first one in this gallery," Inaugurating the exhibition, KK Karmacharya, Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts shared, "I found the colours used by Dongol very charming. The message she wants to convey is also very powerful.

One needs to study many things to create art. Dongol's hard work is reflected in the artworks on display."

The exhibition is on till April 29.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 16, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.