Vegan by choice

Is it really difficult to eliminate animal derived products from your life? For some it may seem impossible, but there are those who have made it their way of life. Travel & Lifestyle talks to some people to gets an insight into a vegan lifestyle

Healthy and happy!

Shristi Singh Shrestha, proprietor of The CORE fitness studio is an animal welfare activist who refrains from all kinds of animal products after an abandoned calf died in her arms. She shares how she is now living a healthier and happier life.

What delusion do people have about being a vegan?

The biggest misconception people breed is that vegans do not get enough nutrition and are physically weak. On the contrary, vegans actually have balanced, healthier and fitter lives.

Your food plan throughout the day...

I never miss breakfast, which consists of whole grain bread with peanut butter, almond, walnuts, seasonal fruit and herbal tea. The next meal incorporates fresh juice and oat cookies. For lunch, I take rice, lentils, green vegetables, homemade pickle and potatoes. Before dinner, I eat pasta or tofu salad. For dinner, I choose plain rice with lots of vegetables or a big bowl of beans and lentils for protein intake. I make sure I drink at least eight glasses of water

every day.

Your favourite dish....

I love hummus with mushroom onion.

Best places for vegans to hang out...

I really like Places in Thamel, also I completely melt over a tofu set lunch box with spinach gomae from Dan Ran.

Animal activist

“Animals are not for use, abuse, to be eaten or for entertainment,” states Shiwani Manandhar, an animal activist and founder of Working as Angel. It has been two years that Manandhar turned vegan.

Tell us about your vegan lifestyle...

I follow a vegan diet and I restrain from wearing real leather, fur or pashmina. I stick to mostly herbal and ayurvedic stuff.

What difficulties do you face with this kind of lifestyle?

Honestly, the biggest and the only challenge is dealing with non-vegetarians and answering their endless and senseless questions. Also, there are not many options for vegans here, so it’s a struggle to explain to the waiter to cut out cheese or butter from the dish.

Which vegan-friendly restaurants do you recommend?

Do not miss out on the popcorn chilli and coconut milk latte at Places in Thamel!

Guilt free

Prerana Shah, a yoga instructor has been happily living a vegan life for 12 years. “I turned vegan because of my love for animals. I just did not want to be a part of any kind of cruelty,” she shares.

Is it difficult being a vegan?

At the beginning it was a little difficult while going to relatives homes as they didn’t know what to offer a vegan.

People think vegans do not get enough nutrition, what is your take?

Actually being a vegan is very healthy and nutritious and you get to explore much more. I keep having small portion of food throughout the day.  For breakfast, I go with seasonal fruits. For lunch, I take daal, bhat, tarkari and pickle. Before dinner, I take a salad and beans sadeko.

What do you usually eat while travelling?

I usually go with fruits.

Where do you prefer to go out and eat in Nepal?

I prefer normal food such as daal, bhat, aaloo tareko, tomato pickle at home. But, I would

recommend Bhumi for some mouth watering vegetarian Newari delights.