Viral fever cases on the rise in valley

Kathmandu, June 9

The number of viral fever patients has been increasing in Kathmandu valley of late.

Patients have been visiting the hospitals with fever, upper respiratory tract infections and sore throat.

Change of season and increasing pollution are some of the causes leading to rise in the number of viral fever patients. “Every four patients from among 20 patients visiting the hospital are being diagnosed with viral fever,” said Dr Khem Raj Bhusal, consultant physician at Greencity Hospital, Basundhara. Patients are visiting the hospital with headache, fever, cold and cough.

People don’t need to panic as it is a seasonal infection. However, they need to be aware of viral infection as those suffering from viral fever for a long time are found suffering from secondary bacterial infections and pneumonia, according to the doctor. Infants, the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, renal failure and HIV are prone to viral infection. Those who are already suffering from respiratory diseases are at high risk of viral fever.

People suffering from viral fever should remain indoors to avoid the risk of transmission of the virus to others. Patients should hydrate themselves and prevent themselves from cold.

Diabetics, those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and people suffering from asthma should take vaccines each year on time so as to prevent themselves from viral fever.  Viral infection transmits from one person to another through direct contact with infected individuals, contact with contaminated objects such as toys, doorknob, and inhalation of virus-laden air, dust and other fine particles.