Women's team to lead publication Nepalaya

KATHMANDU: Publication House Nepalaya is all set to start 2020 with a new set of women leaders, Nepalaya said in a press statement today. Both the executive positions linked to editorial and management will now be taken up by women candidates.

Management will be headed by Saijan Maskey and Editorial will be led by Bhushita Vasistha.

Maskey is a student of Marketing and longtime Nepalaya associate. Vasistha is a student of literature, a writer, and an avid reader.

The new publication team has been working to creating a fresh catalogue for the year 2020, reads the statement.

“I am confident the new team will bring freshness not only to the Nepalaya catalogue but to the saturated Nepali publication industry as well,” said Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Nepalaya.

Talking about her new undertaking and responsibility as a publisher of Nepalaya, Bhushita Vasistha said, “Publishing women writers is to publish pluralised voices, the voices from the margin that often get lost in the process of being translated into standardised language of hegemony. Pluralised publishing is a special privilege that only democratic society can safeguard. And in turn democracy can only thrive in the hands of well-informed citizens, who can empathise beyond their immediate prejudice. Not surprising then, we will begin the year with celebrating women writers.”

Sharing publication Nepa-laya’s management policy adaptation, CEO of Publication Nepa-laya Saijan Maskey said, “We have published 45 books so far and we believe that this year will mark our long term policy to publish and disseminate the voice from the margin, of which women form a significant part.” She further added, “At Nepalaya, we have always been looking for works with longer shelf life, and we will continue to focus in that direction.”

“As one of the players in the industry, it becomes our responsibility to provide new impetus to the industry, which we have been doing since our first publication Palpasa Café in 2005,” said Kiran Krishna Shrestha, founder of Nepalaya. “With the new leadership, I look forward to seeing Nepalaya contribute more to the industry and the Nepali readers,” he added.