Writer Manjul releases his book 'Samjhana ka Paila haru'

KATHMANDU: Writer and singer Manjul has launched his book 'Samjhana ka Paila haru' during the Paleti concert at 'r' sala in Kathmandu, on Sunday, Nepalaya, the book publication house said.

The book is a collection of memories shared by the author and musician Ramesh during a musical tour to Eastern Nepal.

During the show, the writer openly shared his past memories of musical journey, literature and his association with 'Ralfa' to the audience. As many as songs created by the author were performed on the night.

The show kicked off with Manjul's created song 'Kriyasheel Jindagi. As the show went on the author recited poems titled--'Gayak Yatri' and 'Guitar'--which reflected on social and political changes in the country.

After handing over the book to his old colleague lyricist Niran, the author then announced the release of his book, according to Nepalaya. The author then asked the audience to join him in chorus and sang 'Kohi ta Bhane Jahaja Harara' before signing off the show.

As usual, Manjul was supported by Meera, Yogendra Upadhaya, Aavas on vocals, Dinesh Regmi on keyboards, Sandesh Maharjan on tabala, Sundar Kumar Maharjan on percussion and Suraj Pradhan on guitars.

The book is priced at Rs 595, according to Nepalaya.