1 poacher killed in gun battle with army in Parsa Wildlife Reserve

PARSA: One person was killed and one other was arrested after exchanging fire with the Nepal Army personnel patrolling the Parsa Wildlife Reserve in Parsa district, on Friday morning.

One of the poachers Bhimlal Moktan of Padam Pokhari-13 in Makwanpur was killed on cross-fire and Mohan Singh Moktan of the same locality was arrested today.

During the gun battle, Nepal Army's Warrant Officer Second Class Min Bahadur Santyal sustained a bullet injury to his right leg. "He is currently undergoing treatment at the NA 28 number brigade in Jeetpur," said Amir Maharjan conservation officer at the Parsa National Park.

Poachers and NA patrol team exchanged fire when the latter reached the explosion site after hearing a loud bang in the area. After the clash, NA patrol team seized two sets of muzzleloaders, bullets, ammunition and other necessary equipment from the area.

Parsa National Park Conservation Officer Amir Maharjan quoted as the arrested poacher as saying that more than 11 hunters had entered into the park with full preparation.

The arrested person would be booked as per the National Parks Conservation Act, 2029, said the conservation officer Maharjan.