10 blackbucks die of khorait in 2 months

BANKE: Ten blackbucks already died due to foot-and-mouth (locally known as khorait) disease in Krishnasar Conservation Area while many others already contracted the deadly disease within the past two months. But authorities concerned are yet to bring the disease under control here in Banke and Bardiya.

The disease has spread among blackbucks and chital (spotted dear). The disease is highly contagious among cloven-hoofed animals as well as antelope, bison and other wild bovids and deer .

The disease has also affected animals in 'mini zoo' located at Nepalgunj. Five blackbucks have died of the disease in the zoo till now.

Mulchand Yadav, chairman, Blackbuck Conservation Management Committee, informed that more than 50 blackbucks had been suffering the disease at the moment. We're facing difficulties for their treatment as they live in a herd and it's difficult to single out and catch them," he added.

He rued at the government's apathy to take care of this endangered animal. "A medical team deployed a few weeks ago returned without treating any one of them after failing to catch hold of them.''

Locals in the adjoining areas feared as the disease could be transmitted to their domestic animals since the conservation area has not been fenced. Altogether, there are 112 blackbucks in the conservation area.