Twelve people have been trapped at Tumling of Limi area due to heavy snowfall that began on Sunday.

Four Slovenians, three trekking guides, and five locals are trapped at Tumling after arriving for trekking in Hilsa and Limi of the northern Namkha Rural Municipality of Humla.

Following severe snowfall on Sunday night, they were forced to stop at Tumling on their way back to Simkot after completing the Limi trek, according to Chief District Officer Ganesh Acharya.

The team set out from Simkot for Limi via Hilsa on October 8, with the intention of returning to Simkot through Nyalu pass.

Pema Lama, a representative of Richa Tour in Humla said that the 12 people including four foreigners have been compelled to stay at Tumling following heavy snowfall at Nyalu pass from Sunday.

Locals, domestic visitors, and foreign tourists have been unable to move outside the area due to the snowfall, according to Paljor Tamang, chairperson of Namkha rural municipality-6. More than three feet of snow has fallen on Nyalu Pass.

According to Acharya, they have written to the Home Ministry requesting that a helicopter be dispatched for rescue.