1,314 missing in Chitwan district in past five years

CHITWAN: The District Police office, Chitwan, has shared that 1,314 people have gone missing in the district in the last five years.

Among them, 754 are women, 115 men and 445 children. Of those missing, only 415 have come into contact so far.

The five-year data maintained by the Women and Children Desk under the DPO show that 223 women, 31 men and 161 children who had gone missing were found in a year from fiscal year 2011/12 till the date in the district.

According to the DPO Chief Basanta Kunwar, such missing women and children were found trafficked for employing them as domestic workers and for human trafficking.

Similarly, the DPO has informed that 210 have gone missing during 10 months of the current fiscal year. Of them, 70 have come into contact. Among the missing, 134 are women, 33 men and 43 children.