16 candidates forfeit deposit

Okhaldhunga, December 14

Sixteen candidates contesting the parliamentary and provincial elections in Okhaldhunga lost their security deposits for failing to receive the minimum number of votes.

As per the law, an election candidate should garner at least 10 per cent of the total valid votes in his or her constituency, to secure his or her security deposit.

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal’s Juddha Bahadur Rai, CPN-ML’s Keshav Ramtel, Rastriya Janamorcha’s Kuntadevi Khatri, Naya Shakti Party-Nepal’s Prabhuram Shrestha, Mongol National Organisation’s Bajendra Rai, Deshbhakta Janaganatantrik Forum’s Rudra Phuyal and one independent candidate forfeited their deposits in the parliamentary election in the district.

“Only Nepali Congress and left alliance candidates were able to muster the minimum number of votes required to reclaim their deposits,” said Chief Election Officer of Okhaldhunga Kailash KC. A total of 21 persons had thrown their hats in the ring in the recent parliamentary and provincial elections from the district.