16 hr power cuts in Jhapa

JHAPA: Electricity users of the district warned of protest if the Nepal Electricity Authority did not reduce the power cuts as in the other districts of the country. People of the district are still facing sixteen hours of load shedding while there are less power cuts in other parts of the country.

There are sixteen hours of load shedding for four days, twelve hours for one day and eight hours for two days in a week. Jhapa is the only district in the Terai which continues to face sixteen hours of load shedding. Locals claimed that there are only two to three hours of power-cuts in other districts.

A Biratnagar journalist Shekhar Regmi informed that there are no power cuts exceeding two to three hours in Morang district. Secretary of Users Forum Jhapa Amritlal Shrestha said," When we informed them about this, the local NEA replied that the schedule of power cuts is sent from the central office."

A staffer at the load discharge centre in Kathmandu Saroj Baral acknowledged that there were still twelve hours of load shedding in Jhapa district. However, he did not answer the query about why the district is facing more power cuts than the other districts.

The media houses in particular are facing difficulties due to the long power cuts. They are compelled to prepare news as per the schedule of the power cuts and not on the basis of incidents.