16 hrs' power-cut in Jhapa

JHAPA: People of Jhapa district are still facing sixteen hours of load-shedding though power cuts in other parts of the country has been reduced to 12 hours a day. Locals of the district warned of protests if the Nepal Electricity Authority failed to reduce the extended hours of power cut at the earliest. In a week, Jhapa faces sixteen hours of load-shedding for four days, twelve hours for one day and eight hours for two days. Locals complained that Jhapa was the only district in the Tarai area which was still facing 16 hours of load-shedding while the other districts were only facing two to three hours of load-shedding per day. Shekhar Regmi, a journalist from Biratnagar, informed that Morang district faced only 2 to 3 hours of load-shedding every day. "The district branch of Nepal Electricity Authority told us that it was not their fault as the schedule was sent from Load Discharge Centre, Kathmandu," said Amritlal Shrestha, secretary of Users' Forum Jhapa. Meanwhile, staffer at Load Discharge Centre Kathmandu Saroj Baral accepted that there was still twelve hours of load shedding in Jhapa district; however, he did not answer the query why the district was facing more power-cut than the adjoining districts. Media houses have been affected the most by the long hours of load shedding. They are compelled to prepare news as per the schedule of the power cut not on the basis of the incident.