17 rhinos died in CNP in past six months

CHITWAN: Although the country is celebrating no rhino poaching year for the past three consecutive years, 17 rhinos have died in Chitwan National Park (CNP) in the past six months, officials said.

The officials, however, blamed various other causes like natural death, rhino-fighting and delivery complications for the death of rhinos.

The figure has gone down as compared to the 25 deaths of rhinos in CNP in the last fiscal year, due to various reasons but poaching.

Of them, four rhinos including two babies died after being swept away during a flooding, while another baby rhino was devoured by a tiger, said Information Officer at CNP, Nurendra Aryal.

Although the average life-expectancy of a rhino is 50 years, it grows weaker mentally and physically after 30. Most of the deceased rhinos belonged to 30 to 35 age group.

According to the 2015 census, CNP and a forest area in the region had a total of 605 rhinos.