170 bird species on verge of disappearance in Nepal: ornithologists

RATNANAGAR: A total of 170 species of birds found in Nepal are on the verge of extinction, ornithologists said.

This information was shared in the closing session of a five-day national workshop organised by the Himalayan Nature, Geological Society of London and National Nature Conservation Fund and attended by around 60 ornithologists from across the globe.

The workshop that started from October 1 in Sauraha in Chitwan district concluded on Monday.

Earlier, a total of 149 types of bird species in Nepal were on the verge of extinction, the workshop said.

Bashu Bidari, outgoing Chairman of the World Education Society, Chitwan, said that around 21 percent of the total number of bird species found in Nepal is on the verge of disappearance.

Issues related to the condition of bird species especially found in wetlands and grass land in Nepal, the factors behind their being on the verge of extinction were discussed in the workshop,

Ornithologist Dr Hem Sagar Baral informed.

Another ornithologist Raju Acharya, who also attended the workshop, said that a book covering details of bird species on the verge of extinction would be out in the market within one month.

Out of around 9,000 bird species believed to be surviving in the world, Nepal is home to 875 types with Chitwan providing shelter to 629 types alone.