18 gamblers nabbed with stake in Bajura

BAJURAL: Police in Bajura on Wednesday midnight nabbed 18 persons who were playing cards for stakes at Thapabada in Martadi area of Badimalika Municipality.

A patrol team deployed from Bajura District Police Office (DPO) arrested the gamblers and also seized the stake worth Rs 84,000, according to chief at the DPO, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Uddhav Singh.

The gamblers have been arrested through a campaign launched by police to control the gambling in the district. The DSP said that the action would be taken against anyone who indulge in causing chaos in the society.

It has been reported that the gambling and boozing have become widespread in the market places of Martadi, Kolti, Betalmandau, Ritha Bazaar among others, before the beginning of 'Tihar' festival.

Section 125 of the Muluki Criminal Code Act, 2017, clearly outlaws gambling and declares three-month imprisonment or a fine of Rs 30,000 for those involved in the act for the first time, while others have to face one year in prison and a fine of Rs 50,000.