Nepal-India border point in Banke opens after a week

NEPALGUNJ: The Jamunaha transit point in Banke has opened from Thursday. It had remained closed since the past week.

As a result, a large number of container trucks carrying fuel and other goods entered Nepal, with the Indian border security force SSB giving up their control over the transit point.

A total of 34 fuel tankers and 155 transport carrier trucks entered Nepal, according to Nepal Police. The fuel tankers included 19 carrying diesel, five with aviation fuel and seven LPG bullets.

Meanwhile in Parasi, the Nawalparasi market that had remained closed since the past four months came into full operation from Thursday.

Traffic resumed while the markets opened in the district headquarters Parasi, that had remained shut since a long time due to the movement by the Madhesi morcha. Business returned to normal in Gopigunj, Maheshpur, Semari and other major markets. RSS