2 dead in Sudurpaschim Scrub typhus outbreak; reported cases rising

DHANGADHI: Scrub typhus, the bacterial infection transmitted from bites of infected chiggers, has claimed two lives in Sudurpaschim Province.

The deceased have been identified as, Saraswati Singh (23), resident of Bajhang district and Bharat Khati (15) of Geta in Kailali district, informed Narendra Karki, head of the Health Branch at the State Ministry of Social Development.

Over 138 people have been tested positive for scrub typhus in Sudurpaschim Province and those affected are growing in numbers, Karki further added.

According to information officer at the ministry, 138 outbreaks of scrub typhus were reported on Saturday alone.

The number of patients tested positive for Scrub Typus have reached 52 in Dadeldhura, 42 in Kailali district, 22 in  Baitadi, 6 in Doti, 9 in Kanchanpur, 5 in Bajhang, and 2 in Darchula,  according to the ministry.

The symptoms of scrub typhus include headache, sweating, diarrhea, multiple organ failure, respiratory problem among others along with a very high fever up to 104F.

(Translated by Madhavi Marasini)