200 fowls culled, more to go

PARASI: A Rapid Response Team (RRT) has culled more than 200 birds in the bird flu affected Jhyalbas area of Deurali Village Development Committee-6 till today. The District Livestock Office had started culling the birds in the area after the flu was confirmed in the area some days ago. The office started culling the birds in an area around a local's house, where the flu was detected for the first time.

Parshuram Bhushal, veterinary doctor, Western Regional Life Stock Disease Research Laboratory, said that RRTs have been destroying the birds, poultry products and poultry farm equipment.

According to VDC data, there are around 2,000 domesticated birds in the area but Dr Bhushal said that it is around 3,000. He added that the office has stepped up preventive measures in the area. He said, “It might take more than a week to cull all the birds in the area.”