21 dengue cases detected in Pokhara

Pokhara, August 9

As many as 21 persons have been diagnosed with dengue in Pokhara Metropolitan City, Kaski, in the past one week.

Information Officer Dr Bhojraj Gautam at Health Directorate Gandaki Province Office, Pokhara, said as many as 21 persons were found infected with dengue in the last one week alone. Rising number of dengue patients has increased possibility of dengue outbreak.

According to Gautam, eight persons were diagnosed with dengue in Ward No 8, five in  Ward No 9, one each at wards 17, 4, 10 and 25. Remaining four dengue patients were from outside Kaski.

Of the 21 infected, one is being treated at Western Regional Hospital, eight at Gandaki Medical College, eight at Phewacity Hospital and other four are being treated at other health facilities.

Pokhara had recorded dengue’s type 2 virus last year. Blood samples of dengue patients have been sent to Kathmandu for serotype test. “Dengue has virus ranging from type 1 to 4. Types 1 and 2 are normal while types 3 and 4 are considered dangerous,” said Dr Gautam.

Dengue fever is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with a dengue virus. The mosquito gets infected when it bites persons with dengue virus in their blood. The disease does not have specific treatment and vaccine.