26 students fall sick after drinking poisoned water at Morang school

MORANG: As many as 26 students have fallen sick after drinking water laced with poison at Shree Secondary School in Letang Municipality-9 of Morang district this morning.

The school principal Khem Raj Dulal said that all 26 students, who fell ill after drinking water at the school, were immediately rushed to a primary health post in Mangalbare after it was found that the drinking water for students was poisoned. He also informed that four of the sick students have returned home after treatment adding that four students — ninth graders Khusbu Mishra and Kamala Limbu, fifth grader Manis Thapa, and seventh grader Shristi Niraula — were undergoing treatment in Nobel Medical College.

"At 10:00 am, the school had just started when some grade 10 students came to us complaining of strange smell from the water. We found a bottle of poison in the water tank upon inspection,” said the school principal.

Subsequently, the management checked the water tank and found a 50 ml Cypermethrin bottle inside. Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used to kill insects on cotton and lettuce and to kill cockroaches, fleas and termites in houses or for other purposes.

After drinking the contaminated water the students showed symptoms of a headache, vomiting and burning sensation in the stomach and had to be rushed for the treatment .

Superintendent of Police at Morang District Police Office, Manoj Kumar KC, informed that a few suspects were detained in connection with the incident and the investigation was under way.

Meanwhile, Letang Municipality has sought stern action against person(s) involved in poisoning the water meant for school kids. “This is a purely despicable act and anyone involved in it shouldn’t be spared,” read a statement made public by Mayor Shankar Rai.