27 NC CA members oppose inclusion of Tarai districts in hill state


Twenty-seven Constituent Assembly members associated with the Nepali Congress on Friday submitted a five-point memorandum to the party opposing its move to include Tarai districts in hill provinces.

The CA members demanded if eight states were carved in the country, four should be in Madhes consisting ofTarai districts only. They said there should be three provinces in Madhes in case there had to be six provinces in the country.

The NC CA members representing Tarai districts also demanded guarantee of proportional inclusion, election constituencies on the basis of population and ‘or’ provision in the citizenship clause as stipulated in the Interim Constitution.

They are, in fact, opposed to NC/UML’s move to include some Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Kailali and Kanchanpur in hill provinces.

Those who signed the memorandum include Farmullah Mansoor, Surendra Prasad Chaudhari, Amresh Kumar Singh, Ram Ayodhya Prasad Yadav, Teju Lal Chaudhari, Chandra Mohan Yadav, Minakshi Jha, Rajendra Bahadur Amatya, Pyare Lal Rana, Radhe Chandra Prasad Yadav, Haresh Prasad Mahato, Bhotni Devi Khawas, Dipsikha Sharma Dhakal, Sarwat Ara Khanam, Dinesh Prasaila Yadav, Sitaram Mahato, Buddisagar Chaudhari, Madhu Shahi Thakuri, Sangita Mandal, Sita Devi Yadav, Mukta Kumari Yadav, Ganesh Kumar Mandal, Ram Chandra Chaudhari, Ram Krishna Yadav, Abdul Rajjak and Rashmi Thakur.