3 more die in epicentre of disease

JAJARKOT: Despite efforts to bring the disease under control, diarrhoea continues to spread unabated in the rural areas of the district. Three more persons died of the disease on Thursday night. Surendra Bahadur Singh, a local of Mojkot VDC, said that the disease was spreading from one village to another rapidly. Though the government claims to have deployed enough health workers to the affected areas, patients continue to suffer for lack of treatment. Locals claimed that health workers and medicines had not reached Dhime, Painka, Majkot, Nayakbada and Suwanauli VDCs yet.

Dr Krishnahari Subedi, chief, District Health Office, informed that the problem had occurred due to lack of coordination among the medical teams and government bodies. Dr Ishwori Prasad Upadhaya, who returned from the affected area, informed that medicines were not being properly distributed. “The disease has gone out of control for lack of health workers. — HNS