309 infected with swine flu in Chitwan: DPHO confirms

RATNANAGAR, CHITWAN: A total of 309 patients have tested positive for swine flu in Chitwan, the District Public Health Office (DPHO) said.

Incidents of people contracting the disease were reported in the past three months, health workers said.

According to DPHO Vector Controller Ram Kumar KC, 309 of the total 380 patients who underwent tests for swine flu tested positive. The sample of 380 suspected has been sent to Kathmandu for further lab test to confirm the condition following the detection of H1N1 virus in the district. Meanwhile, 56 patients from other districts are receiving treatment in the hospital.

Some of the notable symptoms of the viral disease are running nose, body pain, sore throat and fever. Patients are prescribed to undergo treatment under the direct medical observation, according to the hospital's Dr Kalidas Adhikari. The hospital these days receives a high number of patients suffering from this seasonal flu.