31 per cent of mothers below 20 years in Lamjung

LAMJUNG: The tradition of early marriage still continues in Lamjung district. According to statistics collected from various hospitals in the district, 31 per cent of teenagers deliver baby at the tender age.

According to Administrative Chief at the District Community Hospital, Yuvaraj Devkota, the number of teenage girls giving birth has not noticeably decreased even though this puts the lives of the mother and her children at risk.

Statistics provided by the District Community Hospital shows that out of 1,190 girls who received maternity service in the fiscal year 2074/75 BS, 363 were below the age of 20 years. Similarly, in the fiscal year 2073/74 BS, among 1,202 girls receiving maternity services, 225 were below 20 years of age.

Ram Maya Thakuri, head nurse at the community hospital, said delivery of children at a young age brings complications and risks to both the mother and her child.

The practice of early marriage and lack of knowledge regarding contraceptives are the primary reasons for women giving birth at a young age.