33 kg gold smuggling: Court begins trial-hearing

BIRATNAGAR: After recording statements from 30 of the murder, organised crime and gold smuggling accused, the District Court, Morang has begun trial-hearing of the case on Thursday.

The trial hearing which upon completion allows court to make decisions on whether to bail or remand the alleged conspirators, has begun after nine days of registration of the case.

Earlier, a single bench of Judge Narayan Prasad Sharma had recorded statements from 30 suspects for five days.

With the court moving ahead in judicial processes, eight lawyers have been assigned the responsibility of debating from government’s side while the defendants have a team of 79 lawyers to defend the charges in their name.

On the first day of trial hearing,today, four lawyers initiated the legal debate for conviction of the accused.

Likewise, four lawyers will debate on the court on Friday from the plaintiff’s side (government) while 30 lawyers will defend the case on behalf of the 30 suspects in police custody on Sunday.

The District Court has initiated trial hearing after the suspects gave contradicting statements to the police and court, few days ago. It has been learnt that the accused who pleaded guilty before police have now denied their involvement in gold smuggling and alleged Co-conspirator Sanam Shakya’s murder.

Police has taken 30 suspects of the gold smuggling and murder case while 33 are still at large.



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