36 including foreign returnees quarantined in Dhading

DHADING: As many as 36 persons, including those that had recently returned from foreign countries, have been placed in  quarantine in Dhading. They have been kept at various locations of the district including Dhadingbesi and other quarantine sites in local levels.

Local level staffers have been visiting villages and making enquiries about migrant workers and returnees from foreign countries, including India, that have arrived in the last two weeks. Nine of those in quarantine are from Bhorle in Nilkantha Municipality-6.

Similarly, 10 daily wage workers --five from Bardia, three from Surkhet and one each from Dailekh and Kalikot -- were put in quarantine in Katunje of Netrawoti Dabjong Rural Municipality. They have been given free health check-up and getting treatment at Narayan Devi Basic school since Wednesday. They have been provided with free health checkup, food and basic security, informed Krishna Paudel, chief at Health Division of the Municipality.

Likewise, 17 persons from Galchhi Rural Municipality, 16 from ward 8 and one from ward 2, have been quarantined at Baireni Bazaar.

The rural municipality had performed a health check-up of those returning from India including six persons of ward 1, 14 of ward 2 and 16 of ward 8 on Wednesday.  One person that had recently returned from India had high fever, among the 16 persons of ward 8, and therefore all those that came back together were put into the quarantine, said Ram Prasad Gyawali at Health Division of Galchhi Rural Municipality.

However, 14 others from ward 2 have been sent back after a health check-up with an order to stay in self-quarantine at home, Gyawali added. A person who returned from South Korea last week has also been put in self-quarantine at Galchhi-6.

The municipality has designated Bageshwori High School and Sussex Academy as the quarantine centre.

With the global spread of COVID-19, the district is in high alert regarding the potential coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, the district has seen an occasional violation of weeklong nationwide lockdown, informed Dhading Chief District Administration Officer, Asman Adhikari, adding that the violators have been sent back home with the request to stay home during the lockdown duration unless an emergency occurs.