36 women participate in self-defence training

Rautahat, August 13

Women have started joining self-defence training to take under control of the growing violence against women and girls in Rautahat of late.

A five-day training in self-defence, meant for women, concluded today.  A total of 36 women selected from various local levels in coordination with the local administration, Nepal Red Cross Society and UNFPA underwent training in the district primarily to stop early marriage and violence against women.

Participants from Paurai, Kanakpur, Dharahari, Jethrahiya, Basantapatti, Bairiya among other villages were provided with the training. Likewise, those women are supposed to facilitate other women of their locality.

The participants said that they had no other alternative but to tolerate various kinds of violence in their life.  Risks lie ahead while passing a silent, lonely place, travelling on a public vehicle and while going and returning from school as they are unaware about self-protection.

They also said they had learnt a lot about how to protect themselves from domestic and external violence. UNFPA programme expert Bhabanath Jha said such training would contribute to curbing violence against women and build confidence in them. He underscored the need for self-defence training for girls from their school days.

Sanju Maharjan, Newang Lama and Padma Khayargoli provided training to the participants.