4 killed in Kavre; Biratnagar submerged

Kavre, August 7:

Four people including a child were killed due to the floods and landslides after an incessant downpour since yesterday in Kavre district.

According to district police office, Dhulikhel, two-year-old Nitu Baniya, daughter of Shambhu Baniya, was killed when she fell into Punyamata river. She died at the Sheer Memorial Hospital, Banepa, while undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, two people, including an old man was killed, two seriously injured, when a landslide swept away a house belonging to Tirtha Maya Lama at Katunje VDC today.

According to a local, Shrijana Chaudhary, those who died on the spot were Akkal Bahadur Lama, 86, and Sanman Singh Lama, 17.

The injured includes Tirtha Maya Lama, 25, and Thuli Maya Lama, 18, who are undergoing treatment at community hospital, Dhulikhel.

Naba Raj, 22 of Methinkot VDC was also killed due to the floods today.

According to the No 9 Brigade of the the Royal Nepalese Army at Bhakunde bazaar, his dead body was found at the bank of the Roshi River, this afternoon.

A report from Biratnagar said, incessant rainfall since early this morning has inundated six wards of the Biratnagar sub-metropolis, locals and the police said.

Ward Numbers 2, 4, 6, 17, 19 and 22 have been waterlogged and the situation has aggravated because of floods in Sindhiya and Keshaliya rivers.

Water level has increased to about two-and-a-half feet there, said SP Pratap Singh Thapa at Morang District Police Office.

The floods have affected huts; however, the authorities are yet to estimate the loss.

However, farmers are happy after the rainfall because they can now plant paddy. Plantation was delayed because of less rainfall, Thapa said.

Incessant downpour since last Sunday has badly affected the people of Gaighat. The floods in

Triyuga and Rakule have blocked the traffic from Gaighat, Rampur and Beltar to other destinations.

Sand has been deposited on farming fields at Tapeshwori, Mothihai, Hadiya, Siwai and Babala areas rendereing them useless, locals said.

Another report from Jhapa said the locals are happy after the rainfall because the paddy plantation was halted there due to late monsoon.