4 Nepali workers killed in India mud mound collapse

BHIMDUTTANAGAR: Four Nepali workers died on the spot after they were buried under a pile of mud in Himachal Pradesh of India.

The deceased have been identified as Lokendra Bista and Dipendra Bista of Kanchanpur, Ajab Bahadur Bista of Kailali and Ram Bahadur Bam of Baitadi.

A colleague of the deceased workers, Narendra Bahadur Bista of Kanchanpur, informed that the four lost their lives while digging a road at Rampur of Himachal Pradesh.

While bodies of three persons have been extracted with the help of a heavy equipment, the other was being extracted soon, Narendra added.

Two other Nepalis working with them were cooking and, hence, skipped the incident.