Kathmandu, December 10 A new study has found pangolins in 43 districts of the country. The mammal on the endangered species list was earlier said to be found only in 12 districts of Nepal. The new data was revealed in the study ‘national pangolin census’ conducted by  Mammal Protection and Research Centre with support of the Hariyoban Programme. This is the first such survey carried out to find out the places where the mammals were found. There is, however no certain data about the number of pangolins in the country, according to bio-diversity protection coordinator at the Hariyo Ban Programme Dr Shanta Raj Gyawali. “We have a plan to carry out further study on their number,” he said. The study has also pointed out the need to give due attention to protecting pangolins found living outside the community forests. Increasing poaching, lack of public awareness, forest fire, encroachment of forest area are posing risk to the existence of pangolins, said the centre’s Chairperson Tulasi Laxmi Suwal. Director General of the Department of Forest Krishna Prasad Acharya said the government has put pangolins on the highly endangered list.