43 held for violating lockdown in Bhojpur

BHOJPUR: Police today arrested 43 persons for violating government imposed lockdown, in Bhojpur district.

According to the Spokesperson at the District Police Office, Inspector Pandav Rajbhanshi, the violaters -- 10 women and 33 men -- were arrested from nearby market places while breaching the lockdown rules.

"After their arrest, they were given a two-hour long coronavirus related counselling at the DPO premises, this afternoon," Rajbhanshi shared.

DPO Chief Nar Bahadur Salami Magar, Police Inspectors Pradeep Lama, Pandav Rajbhanshi and District Traffic Office Chief Prem Shah gave counselling to those arrested about the gradually spreading virus, associated risks and importance of social distancing, among other relevant topics.

"We released them today itself after they promised not to break the lockdown rules again. However, if they are arrested again they will be booked under the Infectious Disease Act, 2020 (1964)."

So far, Nepal has reported 12 confirmed COVID-19 cases of which eleven are active and one has recovered from the virus.