50 fall ill as typhoid rages in Sarlahi village

Sarlahi, June 5:

Typhoid has been raging unchecked in Ghukauli Village Development Committee Ward No 6 of Sarlahi district for a week.

More than 50 persons of Ghukauli-6 have fallen prey to typhoid, said a local, Bibek Lama, accusing the District Public Health Office of doing nothing to control the epidemic.

Lama said children as young as three years old and persons aged 40 and over have been hit. The Sasapur area health post has informed the District Public Health Office about the outbreak of typhoid.

Shortage of manpower and resources has put a crimp in the plans of the District Public Health Office to check the epidemic.

Workers of Chetna Sandesh, a non-government organisation based in Ghukauli, said 22 children putting up at the conflict-hit children’s shelter at Panchaisa of Ghukauli are suffering from typhoid.

Children’s home chairman Surendra Lama and principal Bechu Lungeli are creaking under the rigours of the disease.

Some 30 men and women in the locality are also down with typhoid. District Public Health Office official Arun Kumar Jha could not be contacted as he is reported to be out of the district and is on long leave.