500 houses under construction for Kanchanpur Dalit community

KANCHANPUR: The Department of Urban Development and Building Construction Division, Dhangadhi, has started constructing houses for the Dalit community in Kanchanpur district.

A total of 500 houses were being constructed under its 'People's Housing Programme.'

As many as 40 houses in Shuklaphanta, 53 in Bedkot, 32 in Punarbas, 74 in Mahakali, 47 in Krishnapur, 19 in Baise Bichawa and Raikabar Bichawa, 26 in Beldandi, and 17 each in Rampur Bilasipur and Shreepur, and 124 in Bhimdutta Municipality were being constructed, said Engineer Mohan Raj Awasthi.

A total of Rs 215,239 has been provided for the construction of each house. Similarly, 1,250 houses would be constructed for Dalit, Raute and Muslim Communities in Kailali under the programme.