52 out of 161 polling centres marked as highly sensitive in Chitwan

RATNANAGAR: The district security coordination committee, Chitwan has marked 52 out of 161 polling centres in Chitwan as highly sensitive. Likewise, 109 have been identified as sensitive.

Polling centres fixed in such area sharing border with India, categorised as geographically remote part and having troublesome security records in previously elections have been determined as the highly sensitive, said Superintendent of Police and member of the committee Dipak Thapa.

Keeping in mid the sensitivity, tight security arrangements will be put in place in the area.

A four- layer security system( police and temporary police from the front line, Armed Police Force from the second, Nepal Army from the third, and investigation team from the fourth (if needed) will be in place to provide security at the total 408 polling stations, he said.

Minimum 11 and maximum 50 police personnel and temporary police led by inspector will be mobilised at a polling centre. A total of 3,295 police personnel and 1710 temporary police will be deployed.

Chitwan with three constituencies has a total of 354,036 voters.