55 per cent Tarai population drinking contaminated water: Study

Biratnagar, December 17:

Hundreds of thousands of people in 20 districts in Terai have been compelled to drink contaminated water as the government has not taken any initiative to distribute safe drinking water for them, a study has revealed.

The branch of Nepal Water and Sewage Outlet Quality here said today that 55 per cent of the population in the Tarai is drinking water contaminated with different kinds of bacteria.

Chief of the branch Abodh Kishor Mishra said the lack of resources and trained manpower are the main reasons behind Tarai people being compelled to drink contaminated water. However, he said that NGOs are into the business to provide safe and clean water.

According to the information provided at the programme, 85 per cent of the population in the country still does not have access to safe drinking water. Water borne diseases claim over 13,000 lives annually in Nepal, it said.