Lahan, August 15:

A 55-year-old man, strapped by social customs and helpless because of his family members, has finally managed to formally pass the primary school. Gauri Shah, a resident of Bhediya VDC-1 was not inspired by anyone, but he had the gumption to enrol in class 6 at Goshana Lower Secondary school, Bhediya. Claiming that he was the oldest student in the district, Shah reached district headquarters, seeking support for continuing his education. He said, “I ardently want to pass SLC but my family does not support me. I have to buy books and stationery by selling grains.”

The villagers taunted him and some even doubted his sanity but nothing could deter Shah from going to school. Shah recalled a several years old incident wherein a literate person had scolded him when he (Shah) had requested him to read out a signboard in Kathmandu. That incident haunted him so much that he decided to get educated even in his late years. “At least now I can write letters to my son who is abroad,” he said. “Shah is an obedient and regular student of the school. He is an inspiration for the other students in school. It is difficult for him but he is bearing all hardships to continue his study,” said a teacher Nanda K Karna.