7 snow leopards spotted in Manaslu

GORKHA: Seven snow leopards have been spotted in Samagaun and Chhekampar VDCs in Gorkha district.

The Manaslu Conservation Area Project under the National Trust for Nature Conservation found the endangered animal in the course of a technical survey at the area, the project officials said.

Meanwhile, project chief Raj Kumar Gurung said that an awareness campaign has been launched at the local level for the conservation of snow leopards.

“We have confirmed the presence of snow leopards here. Preparations are underway to train local people on the conservation of the rare animal," he said, "Climate change can be attributed to the migration of snow leopards to higher lands.”

It is estimated that Gorkha district houses 17 snow leopards. Generally, snow leopards reside in areas situated at an altitude of around 3500 metres.