77,034 govt staffers opt for adjustment as deadline ends

Kathmandu, January 18

As many as 77,034 government employees have submitted applications expressing their willingness to be adjusted in the federal, provincial and local governments.

Anita Niraula, an under-secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, said the MoFGA had received applications online from 75,367 civil servants and 1,667 employees of other services such as health and Federal Parliament as the deadline for the submission of applications expired today. With this, the employees’ adjustment process has gained momentum despite initial protest from a section of disgruntled employees. The government had also formed a grievances redressal committee to address the concerns of agitating employees.

The ministry had published a notice on December 26, giving the employees of civil and other services 21 days to apply for their adjustment in the federal, provincial and local levels in accordance with the Employees Adjustment Ordinance. For this purpose, a special website www.samayojan.gov.np was created to facilitate the applicants, besides establishing help desks in all ministries, offices of provincial governors and councils of ministers and all local levels.

Of the 75,367 applications submitted by civil servants for adjustment, 46,270 have opted for federal government, 58,623 for provincial governments, and 3,45,225 for local governments. The number of levels of governments opted for by civil servants far exceeds the number of applications, as the applicants were asked to select federal government and one or more provinces and local levels for adjustment on priority basis.

As per the ordinance, civil servants up to the joint secretary level will be adjusted in all three levels of the governments. Currently, there are 90,000 civil servants. According to the MoFAGA, it requires the government to adjust 47,920 employees in the federal government, 22,755 in provinces and 67,503 in local levels. The federal government, provinces and local levels may create new positions and announce vacancy to hire employees on permanent or contract basis to meet the required strength in accordance with the law.

The MoFAGA stated that employees would be adjusted on the basis of priority order they opted for. However, seniority of position, age, permanent address mentioned in citizenship certificate, and his/her present place of work will be considered while adjusting the employees. Even the employees, who failed to submit applications for any reason whatsoever, will also be entered into the adjustment process in federal government, provinces and local levels by the concerned agencies where they are working on the basis of their details obtained from the Department of Civil Personnel Records.

The government had announced handsome package of promotion and grade increase for employees to encourage them for adjustment. The local and provincial governments have flayed the federal government for failing to send sufficient number of civil servants in their offices.