8 parties undermining Parliament: Civil society

Kathmandu, March 10:

Political leaders and members of the civil society today lambasted the eight party leaders for “ridiculing” the parliament by making it a mere “rubber stamp” of the eight parties.

Nepali Congress (NC) youth leader Chandra Bhandari came down heavily on the government and the eight parties for making the parliament a mere rubber-stamp of the eight parties.

“This is ridiculous,” Bhandari told an interaction organised by New Media Club here today expressing despair over the way the political parties are working. “We have no hope that these (old) leaders will make a new Nepal,” he said adding that all significant issues should be decided by the people, not only the eight parties.

Member of Parliament and senior advocate Harihar Dahal cautioned of “confrontation” if republic is declared by the interim legislature before constituent assembly elections. “Let people decide,” he suggested adding that announcing a republic before it would be “too premature”.

“When it is understood that the first session of the constituent assembly would decide the fate of monarchy, it would be unfortunate if it is decided before that,” NC central working committee member Dr. Ram Baran Yadav said.

Vice president of Nepal Bar Association (NBA) Hari Uprety criticised the eight party leaders for making the parliament a rubber stamp. “How could eight heads decide the fate of Nepali people?” he asked.

CPN-UML leader and member of the interim legislature Gokarna Bista argued that announcing a republic would be possible through the interim legislature provided there is a consensus among all the parties.

Former minister Nilamber Acharya suggested the parties to be strong enough to face the consequences of declaring a republic. “The eight parties should not dictate the interim legislature,” he said. NC Democratic leader Dr Narayan Khadka and CPN-ML leader C P Mainali said that people should decide their fate.