800 earthquake victims start rebuilding in Kavre

Kavre, December 14

Around 800 earthquake victims, whose houses were destroyed in last year’s devastating earthquakes, have started to rebuild their houses in Kavre.

According to Urban Development and Department of Building Division, Kavre, as many as 814 families are living in temporary shelters despite rebuilding their houses in the district. Of the five municipalities and 75 VDCs in the district, locals of Phalametar VDC with the highest number of victims, have rebuilt more houses.

Chief at the department, Astalal Suwal, said as many as 200 houses were rebuilt in Phalametar. He informed that 100 houses were rebuilt in Kushadevi VDC, 98 in Milche, 60 in Gairibisauna Deupur, 48 in Bhimpokharai, 40 in Sarsiunkharka, 27 in Rayle Bihabar, 32 in Mahadevtar and 19 in Birtadeurali VDCs.

As per the department, as many as 814 houses have been reconstructed in 44 VDCs of the district. The department further informed that 20 victims in Kushadevi, 16 in Tukuchha Nala and one in Chyamsikharka VDC had demanded the second installment of the government-pledged grant amount as they had spent the first installment under the government’s criteria.

The department added that 1,036 quake victims had started to rebuild their houses with the grant amount of Rs 50,000 offered by the state as the first installment. A source at the department said reconstruction has yet to start in 14 VDCs of the district.

According to statistics at the department, as many as 87 houses are being constructed in Ugrachandi Nala, 60 in Banepa Municipality, 52 in Rabiopi VDC, 52 in Bhimpokhari, 45 in Saping and 40 in Kushdevi VDCs of Kavre.

Some locals, meanwhile, have not rebuilt their houses after they spent the grant amount provided by the government in other works.