KATHMANDU: Ninety percent cancer patients die without treatment because of lack of awareness among the health workers, it was disclosed today.
Speaking at the programme, Bhola Chaulagain, public health officer, Cancer Research Department, BP Koirala Cancer Hospital, said that due to the unavailability of treatment equipment in all parts of the country, added the unaffordable cost, many patients were dying without proper treatment. “It is unfortunate that we lack cancer treating equipment in regional hospitals in Nepal,” he expressed.
However, the crux of the matter was that the regional level and district level health workers did not know much about cancer, he lamented. He suggested that including awareness about cancer in health education at school level was imperative. “Lack of awareness and then the rise in tobacco consumption was linked to rise in number of cancer patients in the rural areas,” he said.
Similarly, other health experts opined that the number of cancer patients could be reduced through public awareness. Equipment to treat cancer cases should be available in major hospitals, however, they added.
Meanwhile, BP cancer Hospital on its part, have been celebrating National Cancer Awareness Day on Ashwin 10 every year.