A party in the making

Kathmandu, October 28:

It wants to launch huge infrastructure projects and come up with radical land reforms. It wants to dam the Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali rivers for effective use of water and wants the capital shifted to Narayangarh. It has envisioned a federal system drawn up with guarantee of strict division of power at all levels.

These are some of the points in the manifesto of the Nepal National Development Party (NNDP), which has been in the making for long. The party with T Miyahara, a Japanese national, as an office-bearer, will be launched soon.

“Politics is all about changing the lives of the masses. We have a manifesto, which draws on the New Deal, which rescued the US economy from the economic depression of 1929,” Miyahara told this daily. Miyahara believes cities can be sustainbly built in 20 years. He believes mega projects he has envisioned will change the face of Nepal.

Miyahara said railway is the key to development. “Construction of railways will not only ensure transportation, but also introduce technology here. Development will follow.” A tourism entrepreneur, Miyahara is for the right use of tourism potential. He plans to build a new city in Annapurna and develop the upper ranges further with an eye on tourism.