Aathpahariya community to operate homestays

The process of registering the homestay in the Guinness Book of World Record has been initiated

Dhankuta, September 7

Marginalised Aathpahariya community of Dhankuta Municipality is set to operate homestay service in municipal areas.

Dhankuta Municipality has helped the community with five lakh rupees to operate homestays. A local, Dinesh Aathpahariya, said 30 skilled persons from all 10 wards of the municipality were preparing to operate the service.

Homestay service, aimed at developing the municipality as a tourist spot, will serve organic food in a cultural setting.

Aathpahariya Samaj Dhankuta Chair Sar Maya Aathpahariya said homestays were different from hotels. She said 52 stoves in a house and Marga temple, which is 500 years old, would be one of the main tourist attractions in the municipality. She said Aathpahariya Samaj Dhankuta had initiated the process of setting a record in the Guinness Book of World Record by keeping 52 stoves in the homestay house, .

The Samaj believes the homestay service in the municipality would attract tourists from across the world in the future.

Aathpahariya Rai Central Committee Chairman Surya Bahadur Aathpahariya said Aathpahariya community celebrated all festivals of the country along with Baishakhe, Bhadaure and Mangsire.

Aathpahariya Home Stay Operation Committee Coordinator Komal Kimdang said preparation was under way to operate homestays at Swarifa, Tamuwa and Pigmeri of Ward No 8  and also in Ward No 5 of the municipality. Around 6,000 Aathpahariya Rai community live in 1,400 households in the municipality.