Abdicate, Nepal tells king Gyanendra

Says he had repeatedly asked the PM to make the Rayamajhi report public

Kathmandu, July 10:

CPN-UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal today issued the call to the king to step down from the throne and open the door for making a republican state before the election of the constituent assembly is held.

“It would be better if the king steps down, in keeping with the aspirations of the people and open the way for establishment of a republican state,” Nepal said during the press meet organised by the party today.

Recently, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala had said similar things while presenting the policies and the programmes of the government on July 2.

“The decision of CPN-UML and the Maoists to fight for establishment of a republican state has shaken the palace. It would definitely make a ground-breaking effect if the NC also comes up with this bold decision,” he said.

He also said that he had repeatedly asked the PM to make the report of the Rayamajhi Commission public, but he failed to make him do so. He said this by way of defending his party when reporters alleged that his party was not interested in making the report public and the guilty punished.

Nepal said the government’s proposal of recruiting “temporary policemen” for the purpose of providing security to the election of CA is ‘deficient.’

“The idea of temporary policemen startled me. How can one run the historic election with anybody you find on the streets? Those untrained, uncommitted people can create problems. It is not going to work,” he said addressing the press meet to brief about the findings of the central committee meeting. He added that he would take up the issue in the eight-party meeting.