Abductees’ kin rue govt apathy

Himal Dhungel

Ramechhap, May 21:

Relatives of six locals of rural Nagadaha, who were abducted by Maoists on Jestha 2, have reached the district headquarters after failing to get any information about their loved ones.

Five Maoists kidnapped a local farmer, students and businessmen from their homes. The abduction came to light after the frantic relatives came to the headquarters to report about the missing persons.

Biba Tamang of Nagadaha lamented, "I educated my son with great difficulty hoping he would be my support during my old age but the Maoists have abducted him and I have no idea of his whereabouts. My only support has been taken away from me." Her 22-year-old son, Man Bahadur, was working in the fields when the Maoists swooped down and carted him off. Biba is wandering about in the headquarters, knocking on every door she can find to locate him. Man Bahadur was the only educated person in the family.

Similarly, Bivek Shrestha, 19, a retailer from Khimti, was abducted from his home. His mother, Indra Maya Shrestha, has also reached headquarters, Manthali, to ask for help to free her child. She was angry that the security forces at the district did little to help them find their abducted children. Security forces claimed they got the information about the abduction only on Thursday. Sajan Lama of Nagadaha, Bed Bahadur Shrestha, Bishnu Ghimire and Kumar Bhujel of Khimti were also abducted and their kith and kin complained of government apathy towards rescuing them. The families of the abductees have requested human rights activists, journalists and civil society to help locate their whereabouts, and also to secure their release.