About 70,000 Nepalis in Saudi do not have MRP

SAUDI ARABIA: A large number of Nepalis residing in Saudi Arabia do not have Machine Readable Passports (MRP). They have been found using handwritten passports.

The Nepali migrant workers would face different problems including getting visa and extending visa term after the handwritten passport would not be acceptable across the world from November 23 as per the provision of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Out of around 500,000 Nepalis in Saudi, 70,000 of them do not have MRPs, according to the Saudi-based Nepali Embassy.

Acting Nepali Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ananda Prasad Sharma, said that although the Embassy had issued notice time and again to make MRP, a large number of Nepalis in Saudi have no MRP due to their indifference towards acquiring it.

A large number of Nepalis have now started visiting the Nepali Embassy to make MRP.

Sharma said that an arrangement would be made to issue permission letters to those impossible to make MRP and have an emergency to return homeland.


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