Absconding murder suspect lands in police net after 20 years in Jajarkot

JAJARKOT: Police in Jajarkot district on Monday reportedly arrested an absconding murderer after 20 years from his residence in Tribeni Nalagad Municipality-9.

The arrested has been identified as Bir Bane Kami (37).

Kami was allegedly on the run after murdering Karbire Kami of Tribeni Nalagad Municipality-8 in April, 1998. He had been taking refuge in neighbouring India after the incident, according to Police Inspector Madhu Neupane at the District Police Office (DPO), Jajarkot.

Local Balbhadre Kami had lodged an FIR against the accused Kami for his alleged involvement in the murder, police informed and added that the victim Karbire Kami was killed in accusation of having illicit relationship with a local woman.

It is yet to discover the wherebouts of another suspect Dhane Kami involved in the murder, Inspector Neupane said.

The accused Kami was presented before the Jajarkot District Court seeking an extension of judicial custody on Tuesday while further investigation into the case is underway, the DPO informed.