ACBS opens new library

ACBS opens new library

Himalayan News Service

Chitawan, April 21

A community library, established by members of Awareness Campaign of Budhanilkantha School (ACBS), was inaugurated by the chief guest Narayan Prasad Sharma amidst a function organised in Shree Mohan Secondary School of Ratnagar-6, Chitawan. Indra Raj Rawal, chairman of the school, chaired the programme.

Anunaya Pandey, secretary of the club expressed the need for the school to introduce different programmes to retain and promote the interest of the students as well as the entire community towards the library. Kumud Bhandari, chairman of the library established committee spoke of his approval of having chosen Mohana as the site for library establishment and also exchanged bond letters with Ramesh Khanel, acting headmaster of the school. The mayor expressed his satisfaction and delight at having attended the inauguration ceremony of the library in place where many people are underprivileged. Suresh Kumar Bhungel, co-ordinator of the club awareness campaign thanked Mohan School family, all the sponsors highlighted the effort put in by the members of awareness campaign for the successful completion of this project.

Since the school has taken the responsibility of the management of the library, a library management committee chaired by the chaired by the chairman of the school was announced on the occasion. For the sustainability of the library a five-member library patronage committee, chaired by Jeevan Raj Wagle, has also been formed.

The library will be accessible to all the enthusiastic learners from surrounding villages, including the school students. As per the agreement made in the bond letter the school management has accepted to make the library accessible to the community at least two hours every weekday.

Since the inception of the idea of library establishment, we had always tried to orient the library towards the community. To give shape to our vision we have included informative books and booklets that will be particularly useful the community-says Shiva Pradhan, public relation in charge of the club. These include books on agriculture management, animal planning, first aid etc.

At present the library contains more than 2,500 books. After the successful completion of a six months long experimental period, the club will successively increase the number of books. A feasibility study had been carried out to select the site of establishment.